The Muglan Lunch Menu

Whether you’re discussing business with colleagues or catching up with friends, our menu adds a little something extra to your lunch. Take a midday journey to the Himalayas with our delicious Nepali and Indian cuisine made from some of the best recipes you could find. Download lunch menu as pdf.


Vegetable Samosa

Two pieces. Spiced vegetables incased in homemade crispy pastry and deep fried.


Vegetable Pagoda

Four pieces. Seasonal vegetables spiced in chickpea flour and delicately deep fried.


Aloo Achar

Traditional potato salad tempered with sesame seeds, herbs and spices.


Bhatmas Sadheko

Overnight soaked soybean, deep fried and tossed with mustard oil, onions and chilli.


Samosa Chat

Mashed samosa mixed with mint yoghurt and tamarind sauce.


Aloo Chops

Deep fried potato patties, mixed with mint, yoghurt and tamarind sauce.

Street Food

Steamed Momo

10 pieces. Steam dumplings served with tomato chutney and soup.

V. $13.90  C. $14.90  G. $15.90

Spicy Chilli Momo

10 pieces. Dumplings tossed in hot chilli sauce.

V. $14.90  C. $15.90  G. $16.90

Teel Ko Jhol Momo

10 pieces. Dumpling mixed with spicy sesame seeds chutney.

V. $13.90  C. $14.90  G. $15.90

Chicken Khuu Momo

Mix of dumpling and noodles in a spicy sour soup.

Goat Sukuti

Homemade goat jerky fried with spices and chiuwra on side.


Goat Bhutaan

Fried goat innards with spices and chiuwra on the side.



Stir-fried noodles with mix vegetables.

V. $12.90  C. $13.90  L. $15.90


Smoked and grilled with spices with chiuwra on side.

C. $14.90   L. $15.90


Hot and sour noodles soup with mix vegetables.

V. $12.90  C. $13.90  L. $15.90

Piro Choiila

Grilled and tossed in a mixture of mustard oil and spices. Deep fried rice grain flakes (Chiura) on side

C. $15.90  L. $16.90

Nepalese Khaja Set

Choila, bhatmas sadheko, aloo achar, Deep fried rice grain flakes (Chiura) on side

V. $15.90  C. $16.90  L. $17.90

Traditional Meal

Puri Trakari

Deep fried whole meal bread with chickpea curry.


Thakali Thali Set

Popularity known as ‘daal-bhaat-tarkari”, complete meal on a plate served with boiled rice…

Traditional Faparko Dhido

Buckwheat pudding, (goat or chicken or veg), saag (spinach), yoghurt and salad set.

V. $19.90  C. $20.90  L. $21.90

Puri Tarkari

Deep fried wholemeal bread with chickpeas curry.


Cooked with aromatic saffron rice in medium spicy served with raita on side.

V. $15.90  C. $16.90  L. $17.90

Lamb Shish kebab

Shish kebab with mint, tamarind, and yoghurt sauce on top of a piece of naan.


Chana Chole Samosa

Mashed samosa with chickpeas curry and traditional sauces.




Half Tandoori with Naan



Chicken Chilli with Rice


Paneer Chilli with Rice

Fried cottage cheese with chilli sauce and spices.


Chole Bhature

Fluffy deep-fried plain flour bread serves with chickpeas curry.

Naan Rolls and Salads

Chicken Tikka Roll

Freshly made in Tandoor oven served with mint, yoghurt and tamarind sauce.

Chick-Peas Salad

freshly made with chick-peas, red onions, cucumber, tomatoes and roasted nuts in yoghurt dressing.

Side Orders


3 Pieces

Mixed Pickle


Mango Chutney



Garlic Naan


Cheese Naan



Onion Salads


Mixed Raita


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