The food of Nepal is as diverse as the country itself. Here at the Muglan, we strive to serve a true authentic Nepalese food which reflects the geographic and demographic diversities of this little known tiny Himalayan nation. If you have been fortunate enough to travel to Nepal, you are probably familiar with Dal Bhat and Momos. Our food is representative of traditional family fare served in homes across Nepal and at festivals. Our traditional home style cooking, generous servings, immaculate presentation, attentive staff. a warm Nepalese ambiance makes us special. The spices used are similar to that of Indian food though the method of cooking is different and Nepalese food has no cream or ghee. Flavours are subtle with many different combinations fo natural herbs of spices giving each dish its own distinctive taste. Nepalese cuisine is very mildly spiced and the addition of chilli is a personal choice.

Nepalese people mainly eat a vegetarian diet and meat chicken dishes are served only at special occasions. Dal Bhat goat meat is the staple diet consisting of lentil soup, rice and vegetables, whether it be served on and individual thali plate or served as a banquet with two to four varieties of dishes and achar.Our entrees and snack menu is the way Nepalese eat when meeting friends at restaurants or served to guests as entrees. We would like you to experience the distinctive flavours of Nepal along with the beautiful smiles, charm and relaxed atmosphere which are reminiscent of Nepal to evoke fond memories of encourage you to visit this special country.